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The Incas

...a great and powerful race.

Reign of the Incas

The Inca Indians who controlled a huge a mount of South America who were conquered by spaniards in the 16th century.They streched from Clombia to Chile on the west coast,they exercised control over more territory than any other people had done in South American history. The empire consisted of over one million individuals, spanning a territory stretching from Ecuador to northern Chile. The Inca's language was called cuzco.Instead of having an army the Inca's generously rewarded anyone who fought for them. Conquered people were required to pay a labor tax to the state.With this labor tax, the Incas built an astonishing network of roads and terraced farmlands throughout the Andes.

The Inca's Social Life
At the top was the Inca who exercised,in theory, absolute power. Below was the royal family which consisted of the Inca's immediate family, and all their children. This royal family was a ruling aristocracy. Each tribe had tribal heads, each clan in each tribe had clan heads. At the bottom were the common people who were all grouped in squads of ten people each with a single "boss". The social unit, then, was primarily based on cooperation and communality.This guaranteed that there would always be enough for everyone, but the centralization of authority meant that there was no chance of individual advancement.It also meant that the system depended too much on everyone being in one spot they could seize the ruling family, they were able to conquer the Inca territories with lightening speed.

Origin of the Incas

Incas can be traced back to the 1200 A.d.The Inca developed in a statelike type of government.That started around 200 years before the spainards arrived.The Incas, surprisingly were one of the last Indian tribes to arrive in South America.The Incas Rise to power was caused by a great military.The battles of the Incas were usually, short and succesful strikes.They also made great military connections.Once an Incan emporer married the daughter of a local tribe, because they had a great military.

The Eating Habits of the Incas
Food was prepared very easily in the Incan empire.They ussaly roasted or boiled the food they normally ate soups,stews,and bread made from maize and still does today.They did have some meet the preserved by sundrying them.Grain was stored in urns.Cups andplates were used in eating made of metal or wood.Their domesticated animals were alpca,guinea pigs,ducksdogs,and llamas. Llamas were seldom eatan they were important pack animals and provided wool for weaving and used them in ceromnial sacrafices(which is evil).Alpacas were for the fine wool. Ducks were also eaten

Incan Religion

Religious ideas expressed by the Incas are intended to better the Incans lifestyles. Most of the attention of the religion was to help, crops, animals and health.Animals were the most common form of sacrifice, though rarely, humans were sometimes sacrificed also.Animal sacrifice involved in slitting the animals throat an burned the corpse. Human sacrifice involved in were strangeled then their hearts were thrown out.The Incas had many gods, one of the most common was Viracocha, the god of creation.Following him wwere the gods of riches and crops, thunder, various constallatons, the moon and the sea.




The Inca Rule

An Average Inca City

Machu Pechu

Silver Alpaca

Incan Compass

More Detailed Inca Map

Incan Meals

Inca Cola

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